Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What's in a Name?

I realize this is a bit belated, but I decided to give you all, my readers, a glimpse into who is Tess, how TessHome was born, and a snippet of my life; within this blog. I hope you enjoy it :)

          It all started back in the “olden days”; the 1990’s to be exact, haha. I had stumbled into the Bucks County area and instantly fell in love with it. On my frequent trips to Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA (literally a bridge separates the two towns/states), I discovered clothing that quenched my thirst for the exact style I was looking for, and loved; feminine, romantic, whimsical, and vintage. Once I was home again, I couldn’t find the same style of clothing anywhere near what I had purchased in Lambertville and New Hope.
          It was then, that, I decided to open a clothing store that would carry the clothing that I had come to love, on my road trips! Keep in mind, I had 4 little boys at home, at that time; but the search began! The search for the perfect space, for a shop that “spoke” to me. It wasn’t too long before I came upon a 100+ year old building with exposed brick walls and wooden floors. DONE! It had to be mine, and soon, it was! In January of 1999, the work began: fitting up the shop with furniture displays, painting the walls, picking a name….

          In thinking of a name for my shop, I was sure that I would know what to name it when the time was right, a gut feeling, in a sense. One day, I was off to the library (I didn’t use a computer then, and let’s face it, the library is a wonderful place to be!) and after much searching, I found a name…TESS! (For the not so timid woman) It was short, it was easy to remember, it was easy to say. Tess is the name of a woman with a little bit of all of us, in her. She’s hardworking, passionate, whimsical, friendly, beautiful, intelligent, yet simple and warm, It was perfect!

          So, off to New York City, I went; to do some serious Fashion District shopping.

          After a year of working, displaying, and clothes buying in my “not so good” location, I had the opportunity to re-locate to downtown Manasquan, NJ; to a store that was 4 times the size of my original shop! Within 1 weeks’ time, we fit up the new shop, moved and settled in, and opened 1 year to the day of TessHome’s 1st birthday! After 5 years on Main St. in Manasquan, with business and personal twists and turns along the way, I realized that women’s clothing wasn’t my passion. The hunt for these vintage treasures was all with a story, and begging to be spruced up and re-painted was a knack I never knew I had, and the enjoyment I got out of it was so fulfilling! Slowly, I bowed out of the women’s fashion world, and took to a new stage, cottage furniture and 
vintage finds.

          I decided to regroup and recollect, so I took a space in a Co-Op temporarily and it went well. Though the space was small, I had my own window, and placed my shop’s logo upon it. Still, I was looking (and waiting) for the next great spot to open up, and it did, 4 years later; down the street from the Co-Op and where I currently reside, and where TessHome found a…home! Not just a space, a place where I could finally nest! I’m in the heart of a bustling, cute town; paved with great restaurants and shops.

          Here I am, LOVING my new shop, the amazing customers (new and old), and my friends. I am so fortunate to be working along side an awesome group of women and I feel so blessed :) The journey was and is: fun, exciting, creative, and fulfilling for all of us!

          So in the end, there is no “Tess”, but there IS a TessHome.

Thank you all for being apart of my journey :) Xoxo