Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Mother Nature,

We Thank You!

We accept that leaving an object out in the elements brings new beauty to it. So, go ahead Mommy N.- rain, snow, blow, and beat up our stuff- we love what you do, and we are going to bring some examples of your great work into our cottages. Using rustic wood elements in a new way will bring on the warmth, add charm, and remind that there is great stuff happening right outside our back doors.

We offer a few ideas from our shop and hope you find inspiration here to add some TessHome style to your casual chic, beach, or cottage d├ęcor.

Re-purposed Crusty Old Spindle Art Hanger

Here we used a saw tooth hanger for the back, screwed in two cup hooks to the spindle, slipped a few clips on to the hooks, and clipped on a photo.

 A grouping of photos clipped to our Spindle Hangers

Rusty Old Bedspring Art Hanger

Who would have thought that there would be a good use for an old spring like this one? We would, we would! Hold the spring to the wall in you selected position, and hammer in an electrical wire staple to hold it in place. Think postcards, family photos, mail…etc.

Twiggy Door or Window Cornice

(Hi, Pam!)

This idea was harvested from the bare branches of Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree. A bunch of cuttings are slipped into metal u-shaped hooks that are typically used for window curtain tie-backs.

Apple Crate Wall Storage

Super simple! Screw in the appropriate wall hangers-use mollies in sheet rock if you intend to fill the apple crate with heavy items, slip the crate over the screws, and there you are! Think about utilizing any old wood box, empty drawers, or tool box for your wall storage. Attach saw tooth hangers to the back of an item that has a solid back.

Found Object Coat Rack

Driving with one eye on the curb of the road can be very rewarding! Sometimes an interesting wood piece of unknown origins is lying in wait. Grab it, clean it up a bit, add some old coat hooks, and add the appropriate hangers to the back.

A pair of Coat Racks With Glass Pulls Used For Hooks

These might have started as old dresser drawer fronts, but the paint colors and the patina added by Mother Nature made them priceless to us. With old glass pulls screwed in to the front, and hangers added to the back, we have re-purposed them as racks to hang the coats, beach towels or maybe even the grill tools.

If you are somewhere around the vicinity of  the Jersey Shore we hope you pop in and say Hi to us, here at TessHome. There are plenty more inspiring ideas on site here at our shop. You can also visit our Etsy store to see more re-purposed items!

Now head outside to your yard or garage, and scrounge around for some interesting stuff, and add some tantalizing textures to your cozy home!


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