Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whimsical Decorating Ideas

Our customers not only appreciate the items in our store, they usually let us know how much they love the way everything here is displayed. Pam Thomas, the owner of our Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey based home d├ęcor business has an instinctive touch with her stylings, but we think that with a few pointers from her, your home could feel a bit of the TessHome touch.

The stock here in the shop is constantly rotated- just when we get a display pulled together, wouldn’t you know it, some one comes along and buys something! Happily for you, each visit to our shop offers a new visual experience. We gain a lot of experience rotating our accessories and re-assembling them differently.

Since the key to giving your home a fresh look is to be open to change and keeping things fluid, we would like to encourage you to try to re arrange the accessories on one piece of furniture in your home. Be aware that this will lead to an avalanche of re-arrangement-so try to be brave.

Ok here we go-take everything off the top of your dresser- don’t leave the lamp, the business card, the post-its or the hand lotion- strip it down to it’s naked self, give it a good polish and wipe down the mirror. (You might even yank it away from the wall and give the back of the dresser and the floor a vacuum- the not-so-fun-part of our experiment.)

Start with a new lamp. Here Pam starts with a sparkly cut glass bowl lamp.

Now we add a textile. Open your drawers and dig a little- we’re sure there’s a scarf hiding in there somewhere. Pam selected a neutral color…but there is obviously room for a dab of color here.

Is there a bit of sculpture on a corner table or bookcase that needs to be brought in to the light a bit? Using a small sculptural bird vase gives us the added option of reinforcing our color story with a fresh bud…or three. Notice the way it is placed-just to the outside of the lamp, anchoring the scarf.

Adding some books in a stack centered on the mirror gives a touch of texture, and a height variety.

A small colored glass dish is always useful, gives us a bit more color reinforcement and… finito, finished, walk away designers- it’ done.

A few details- a cohesive color story is essential. Even the books were chosen carefully to complement the pink in the flowers and dish.

Follow the rule of grouping by numbers-try to select an odd number of objects. There is a group of five items (not counting the individual books)

There is a variety of textures, but a unity of mood in this case. All the items are feminine in feel, and are a bit dressy.

A variety of heights is also essential. Try to create a pleasing skyline.

Notice the negative space…don’t spread the items across the dresser. Instead group them on one third of the dresser, and leave the rest bare. It gives you room to work, and a more interesting arrangement.

That’s the way we do a dresser here at TessHome. It won’t stay that way very long…some one is sure to come along and want to take an item home, but we’ll deal. We love our stuff, and we love to play with it!


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  1. Very nice blog Pam. You are very talented and inspiring.