Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Need YOU!

Hey Everyone!

We are very excited here today at TessHome and you, yes you, are the reason. Every single day we get so many wonderful customers come in and share their projects and stories with us. We hear all about the kind of trim you’re putting up in your bathroom, the paint you're using on that end table, or the new fabric you just picked up at a thrift store, that would be amazing on those new chairs! We love it all, and we truly believe we have some of the most inspirational and creative shoppers out there.

We want to try something new. Not so long ago these little beauts found their way into our store, and have charmed their way into our hearts. There is just one main problem- we cannot figure out what to do with them. The instant decision was to cover them in all different kinds of fabric. However, the more we stare, the more we appreciate the slightly dated, but impeccable quality fabric that already occupies residency on them.

This is where you come in. What do you think we should do with these two chairs and why? Cover them? Leave them as is? Do something really crazy and funky? We want to hear every idea!ugh opinions and thought, we will tackle this project head on- letting you, the costumer, decide exactly what we will do! Sounds fun, right? We thought so too.

SO.... give it your best shot, and don’t be too timid! Get those creative juices flowing! Ready…Set…GO!

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