Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tess Home Is Overflowing With Jewels

Mark Scherzer of "Scherzer Antiques" has teamed up with Tess to bring us a 'time capsule' of sorts, in the form of vintage and costume jewelry.

Step back into past decades with fixtures oozing with sparkly and whimsical finds. Finds that take you back to your grandmothers vanity, where you ever so carefully, draped her pearls around your neck, spritzed on some of her favorite perfume and clipped on those overly dramatic earrings.

Delicately and lovingly sprawled all over our stores chippy furniture, the setting to showcase these amazing jewels, is ideal.

From chunky bracelets for everyday wear, and vintage cufflinks to ornate necklaces and delicate hair pins.There is a look and a feeling captured in each piece. Leaving something for everyone.

Take a gander....

Take a closer look and stop into Tess Home today.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pamela, just found your blog, love your shop! I purchased your teal, crumbling, gorgeous medicine cabinet earlier this year, doing our beach house reno, planning the entire bathroom around the medicine cabinet. will send you pics!
    all the best!