Saturday, February 26, 2011

On My Way To The Market

One of the things I love most about this business, is the early mornings out on the road. The weather is still cold here, but if I'm dressed right I find it so invigorating to be up and out before dawn. Getting the "itch" to scour the flea markets I head out by 5a.m. As I drive west from my home, I am surrounded by farmland. The geese gather in a field bathing in the morning light. Approaching the market I can see from a distance the vendors are few, but I know I will find something, I always do! I come upon a dealer I've seen before, but haven't actually met, turns out his name is Mark. Well, Mark and I became acquainted...I spent a good hour or more buying from him!! Yellow ware, pyrex, vintage kitchen utensils, vintage fabric, old prints, mirrors...the list goes on! And by the way...another reason I love the flea markets, the people, they are so real!! Its was great to meet you Mark!

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