Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to do in the wee hours of the night (~_~)

...when I am going thru a sleepless period in life I sort of enjoy being all alone at night with NO demands on me, I can do as I please if I have the energy:)
The night before last, with an impending snowstorm upon us, I felt, as I usually do before a snowstorm, like "super" nesting! When I food shopped that day I was sure to pick up the necessities for such "nesting"! A whole chicken, lots of veggies, yeast, tea, honey, and more! So....yeast, yes, i was thinking homemade bread. Baking is NOT one of my strong points ( Sure I have my "tried and true", and they ARE somethin' to write home about, but they are few, no matter, COOKING is where I shine in the kitchen!

So back to the bread . It took 5 hours to make basic, Laurels Kitchen recipe, whole wheat bread. It's good, but I think the last stage of the pre-cooking is where I blew it:( it needed to rise a bit is always the case in my household, its getting eaten!! now on to a new recipe for next time i happen to wake up...... in the wee hours (~_~)
...P.S. here's a great spread, not uncommon, for toast. soften 1 pkg. cream cheese and mix with 1/2 cup or more of finely chopped stuffed green olives...YUM!!!! Be Back Soon. Happy cooking and baking:):)

Been a Long Haul

Another beautiful snowy morning to awaken to! This picture is looking out from my side porch, to the back yard.

Well, the end of construction has finally come near, not quite done, but close enough to start bringing my inventory in...take two! haha! Movers scheduled for Saturday and it HAS to happen and will!!
Yesterday we finished the floors in the rear section of the store. It's an interesting idea and looks great and...big plus, INEXPENSIVE! I had 2' square pieces of chipboard plywood cut at the Depot and we glued and screwed them down then two coats of polyurethane. What do you think?!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Get up...and do it again"

....well, it's the ongoing saga of the "floor situation" at my store! agghhh! but I'm not even gonna go there, TOO boring! it'll get done!
I have the movers scheduled to bring inventory in today before the next snowstorm hits, which will work out well, as it will give me those snowy days, when most don't venture out, to start setting up the store. YAY!!! So, work clothes on, and off I's a picture of my house after last snowstorm!