Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paint...Spackle....stamped tin ceilings, Oh my!

Spent the day salvaging stamped tin ceiling what a project and a dirty one at that. The painting is done in the front section of the store and it looks awesome! I'm not going to post the completed pictures until its near opening day.

Thursday the duct work will start and take 2 days to complete. In the meantime the carpenters are finishing trim work in the rear section of the store and then I can start the painting there. So it was another productive day ~_~

Monday, November 29, 2010

Renovations...and Suprises

......Tinted glass storm window removed to reveal beautiful leaded glass transoms!
.......Windows found behind wall!
........Ugly drop ceiling taken down!

The renovations are coming along nicely and exposing the original beauty of this space!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

TESS finds a new HOME!!!

I have FINALLY found a location that "speaks to me"!!!

We are officially located at 707 Arnold Ave. Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.!!!!!
I think all my searching has paid off. This is a 100 year old building with charm and aura not often found, it boasts 12 ft. ceilings, leaded glass transoms, above storefront window, hardwood floors, stamped tin ceilings......and a few hidden suprises, being 3 double hung windows we cut out from behind a wall!!!
Things are moving along beautifully thanks to Michael Brennan my carpenter and confidant, an amazingly talented, kind, funny, thoughtful man!.
Plans are to open January 2011!!

....Stay tuned:):)